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dc.contributor.authorCreagh, Robyn Ann
dc.contributor.supervisorDr Deb Hunn
dc.contributor.supervisorDr Steve Basson
dc.contributor.supervisorDr Sarah McGann
dc.contributor.supervisorProf. Dave Hedgcock

Urban places are typically designed and represented as static images. Yet people’s dynamic engagement with city space, that includes memory of other places, is a significant factor in place-making. Through visual research, autoethnography and art installation this thesis visualises urban place as a lived, shifting, interwoven place and as a nexus for communication acts. The author’s participatory exhibition of layered, malleable and fragmented representations contributes to our understandings of urban places and memory.

dc.publisherCurtin University
dc.titleMemory and urban place: a visual enquiry
curtin.departmentSchool of Built Environment
curtin.accessStatusOpen access

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