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  • Padula, Fabrizio; Adamini, R.; Finzi, G.; Visioli, A. (2017)
    © 2017 In this paper we show that an industrial-like overhead crane can be effectively employed to show the role of control in industrial automation systems and in everyday life. The devised experiments are particularly ...
  • Sirakaya-Turk, E.; Uysal, Muzaffer (2011)
    No Abstract Available
  • Natarajan, T.; Jewkes, J.; Narayanaswamy, Ramesh; Chung, Y.; Lucey, A. (2014)
    The paper describes the effect of oscillation of an impingement surface under a partially confined slot jet. Both the flow characteristics and the heat transfer characteristics are explored and presented. The numerical ...
  • Adrian-Martinez, S.; Albert, A.; Andre, M.; Anton, G.; Ardid, M.; Aubert, J.; Baret, B.; Barrios-Marti, J.; Basa, S.; Bertin, V.; Biagi, S.; Bogazzi, C.; Bormuth, R.; Bou-Cabo, M.; Bouwhuis, M.; Bruijn, R.; Brunner, J.; Busto, J.; Capone, A.; Caramete, L.; Carr, J.; Chiarusi, T.; Circella, M.; Coniglione, R.; Costantini, H.; Coyle, P.; Creusot, A.; Dekeyser, I.; Deschamps, A.; De Bonis, G.; Distefano, C.; Donzaud, C.; Dornic, D.; Drouhin, D.; Dumas, A.; Eberl, T.; Elsaesser, D.; Enzenhoefer, A.; Fehn, K.; Felis, I.; Fermani, P.; Folger, F.; Fusco, L.; Galata, S.; Gay, P.; Geisselsoeder, S.; Geyer, K.; Giordano, V.; Gleixner, A.; Gracia-Ruiz, R.; Graf, K.; van Haren, H.; Heijboer, A.; Hello, Y.; Hernandez-Rey, J.; Herrero, A.; Hoessl, J.; Hofestaedt, J.; Hugon, C.; James, Clancy; de Jong, M.; Kadler, M.; Kalekin, O.; Katz, U.; Kiessling, D.; Kooijman, P.; Kouchner, A.; Kreykenbohm, I.; Kulikovskiy, V.; Lahmann, R.; Lambard, G.; Lattuada, D.; Lefevre, D.; Leonora, E.; Loucatos, S.; Marcelin, M.; Margiotta, A.; Martinez-Mora, J.; Martini, S.; Mathieu, A.; Michael, T.; Migliozzi, P.; Moussa, A.; Mueller, C.; Neff, M.; Nezri, E.; Pavalas, G.; Pellegrino, C.; Perrina, C.; Piattelli, P.; Popa, V.; Pradier, T.; Racca, C.; Riccobene, G.; Richter, R.; Roensch, K.; Rostovtsev, A.; Saldana, M.; Samtleben, D.; Sanguineti, M.; Sapienza, P.; Schmid, J.; Schnabel, J.; Schulte, S.; Schuessler, F.; Seitz, T.; Sieger, C.; Spurio, M.; Steijger, J.; Stolarczyk, T.; Sanchez-Losa, A.; Taiuti, M.; Tamburini, C.; Trovato, A.; Tselengidou, M.; Toennis, C.; Vallage, B.; Vallee, C.; Van Elewyck, V.; Visser, E.; Vivolo, D.; Wagner, S.; Wilms, J.; Zornoza, J.; Zuniga, J. (2015)
    No Abstract Available
  • Song, Y.; Wang, Wei; Ge, L.; Xu, X.; Zhang, Z.; Julião, P.; Zhou, W.; Shao, Zongping (2017)
    © 2017 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim. Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), which can directly convert chemical energy stored in fuels into electric power, represent a useful technology for a more sustainable ...

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