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dc.contributor.authorMaesaroh, Imas
dc.contributor.supervisorDr Gaby Haddow
dc.contributor.supervisorAssoc. Prof. Paul Genoni

Indonesia has a rapidly developing higher education system, but previous evidence suggests that it is inadequately served by academic libraries and librarians. This research sets out to examine this phenomenon in light of Indonesia status as a developing nation with a history of recent improvements in higher education. Despite the injection of additional funding the impact has yet to be felt in terms of the role or status of the academic library services and librarians.The particular focus of the research is on the skills and abilities of academic library staff. This issue examined in terms of the emerging roles required of academic librarians, and the subsequent changes to formal library and information science (LIS) education and continuing professional development (CPD) that are necessary in order to equip academic librarians with the skills and abilities they require.The study addresses the following research question: What changes are needed to the education and continuing professional development of Indonesian academic librarians to optimize the development and delivery of academic library services?To answer this research question, the project addresses the following objectives: a. Assess the current and required level of education qualifications of librarians working in Indonesian academic libraries. b. Assess the current and required level of continuing professional development of librarians working in Indonesian academic libraries. c. Analyze the perception of Indonesian academic librarians regarding their role in developing library services and in supporting academic quality. d. Analyze the perception of university and library managers in Indonesian higher education about the current and future role of academic librarians. e. Assess the role of education and continuing professional development in the delivery of services by Indonesian academic libraries, when compared to other factors in the development of those services. f. Develop recommendations to improve the effectiveness of library and information science education in Indonesia and its support of the country’s academic library services.The methodologies used include an extensive quationnaire survey of librarians and library managers working in Indonesian public universities. Both questionnaires are based on recent similar Australian surveys in order to provide comparable data to a fully developed higher education and academic library system. In addition, interviews were conducted with twenty-two participants, consisting of academic lirarians, academic library managers, university managers, heads of LIS schools and heads of relevant professional associations.The outcome consists of a series of thirteen recommendations aimed at transforming the Indonesian LIS education and CPD for academic librarians. The recommendations include consideration of the minimum formal education requirements for Indonesian academic librarians, the need to extend access to education by the use of distance learning, and the role of the Indonesian Librarians Association (Ikatan Pustakawan Indonesia).

dc.publisherCurtin University
dc.subjectIndonesian academic librarians
dc.subjectcontinuing professional development
dc.titleEducation and continuing professional development for Indonesian academic librarians
curtin.departmentSchool of Media, Culture and Creative Arts, Department of Information Studies
curtin.accessStatusOpen access

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