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dc.contributor.authorZhang, Suona
dc.contributor.supervisorJean-Philippe Croueen_US

The reactivity (kinetics, reactive sites) of SO4•– with natural organic matter (NOM) showing different structural character was compared with that of •OH using ultrahigh resolution MS (FT-ICR MS). The interfacial interaction between NOM and Mn-oxide nanoparticles used as catalyst for radical production was studied using TR-DLS and AFM. Based on the findings, the antifouling property and self-cleaning performance of SO4•–-based catalytic ceramic membrane (i.e, Mn-oxide nanoparticles coating activated by peroxomonosulfate) was comprehensively investigated.

dc.publisherCurtin Universityen_US
dc.titleReactivity of Natural Organic Matter in Advanced Oxidation Processes and Implications for Catalytic Ceramic Membrane Applicationen_US
curtin.departmentSchool of Molecular and Life Sciences (MLS)en_US
curtin.accessStatusOpen accessen_US
curtin.facultyScience and Engineeringen_US
curtin.contributor.orcidZhang, Suona [0000-0001-5527-4891]en_US

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