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dc.contributor.authorJitsangiam, Peerapong
dc.contributor.authorNikraz, Hamid
dc.contributor.authorSiripun, K.
dc.identifier.citationJitsangiam, P. and Nikraz, H.R. and Siripun, K. 2009. Characterization of cement-modified base course materials for Western Australia roads. Journal of The Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society. 40 (4): pp. 225-230.

The cement-modified soil (CMS) is described as a soil that has been treated with a relatively small amount of cement in order to improve its engineering properties so that it is suitable for construction. This soil stabilization technique is employed for the typical base course material in Western Australia named “Hydrated Cement Treated Crushed Rock Base (HCTCRB)”. In present, the mechanistic approach of pavement design and analysis become more important and widely used internationally but HCTCRB has been created from the empirical approach empirical approach point of view. In order to be able to use this material effectively relating to the new pavement design method, its shear strength, resilient modulus, and permanent deformation characteristics need to be more investigated and deeply understood. This study aimed to perform the results of the laboratory testing which was carried out to assess the mechanical characteristics of HCTCRB. Our findings show that HCTCRB can be characterized as a relevant cohesive granular material with significant shear strength parameters. Based on the laboratory results, the suitable models of the resilient modulus characteristics and the permanent deformation characteristics were determined and introduced.

dc.publisherSoutheast Asian Geotechnical Society
dc.subjectCement-Modified Soil (CMS)
dc.subjectPermanent deformation
dc.subjectRepeated Loading - Triaxial (RLT) test
dc.subjectCement modified base course material
dc.subjectResilient modulus
dc.titleCharacterization of cement-modified base course materials for Western Australia roads
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleJournal of The Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society
curtin.accessStatusOpen access

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