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dc.contributor.authorNichols, Fiona
dc.identifier.citationNichols, Fiona. 2010. Aboriginal Recommendations for Substance Use Program Evaluation. Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal. 34 (4): pp. 17-19.

Objective: To identify Aboriginal people's key recommendations for evaluating alcohol (and other drug) prevention and intervention program effectiveness. Method: Part of a wider, two-year, Aboriginal-initiated study into the context and Indigenous perceptions of Aboriginal alcohol use prevention and intervention, using a descriptive, grounded theory, participatory action study design. From a demographically comprehensive full study sample of 170 Aboriginal people, a sub-sample of 84 people (identified via purposive, opportunistic and snowball sampling strategies) responded to qualitative, semi-structured interview questions regarding their proposals for intervention program evaluation. These proposals were distilled over time by the study's intervention-model planning group into the evaluation recommendations described here. Results: Participants' evaluation recommendations were in keeping with the capacity-building focus evident in proposals throughout the wider study, including a focus on addressing perceived causes of substance misuse rather than its symptoms. Program-evaluation criteria focused largely on the degree to which people re-engaged withfamily and community-both during and after intervention. Far less focus was placed on the use of alcohol (or other substances). Conclusions and implications: Among the study's remote area Aboriginal participants, recommendations for the evaluation of substance misuse intervention success differed markedly from criteria generally in use, with a key focus being the degree of a person's engagement with family and community. These findings are relevant to understandings and design of culturally meaningful program content and program evaluation.

dc.publisherAboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal
dc.subjectAboriginal model
dc.subjectprogram evaluation
dc.subjectsubstance use
dc.subjectsocial determinants
dc.titleAboriginal Recommendations for Substance Use Program Evaluation
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleAboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal

First published in the Aboriginal & Islander Health Worker Journal, May/June 2010, Volume 34, Number 3

curtin.departmentNational Drug Research Institute (Research Institute)
curtin.accessStatusOpen access

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