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dc.contributor.authorVishnumolakala, Venkat Rao
dc.contributor.supervisorDr Daniel Southam
dc.contributor.supervisorProf. David Treagust
dc.contributor.supervisorAssoc. Prof. Mauro Mocerino

The research study explored student’s understanding of stereochemistry and their perceptions of learning chemistry in first year undergraduate chemistry classes following a modified Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) that included group work. A 5-item two-tier stereochemistry concept diagnostic test (SCDT) was developed and administered to explore their understanding of stereochemistry concepts. The students’ perception of POGIL learning was gauged in an effort to establish construct and convergent validity to the SALG instrument.

dc.publisherCurtin University
dc.titleAn exploration of process oriented guided inquiry learning in undergraduate Chemistry classes
curtin.departmentScience and Mathematics Education Centre
curtin.accessStatusOpen access

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