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dc.contributor.authorMcManus, Alexandra
dc.contributor.authorTrzesinski, A.
dc.contributor.authorNewton, Wendy
dc.contributor.authorWhite, B.
dc.contributor.authorWhite, James
dc.contributor.authorStorey, Jessica
dc.contributor.authorMcManus, Jennifer
dc.identifier.citationMcManus, Alexandra and Trzesinski, Avinna and Newton, Wendy and White, Becky and White, James and Storey, Jessica and McManus, Jennifer. 2010. Understanding Seafood Consumption and Healthy Living Practices Report 2010; Curtin University, Centre of Excellence for Science, Seafood & Health (CESSH).

This report documents the findings of a small cross-sectional survey conducted from November 6 - 9th 2010. The survey was administered to 48 people via random interception at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Respondents were asked to complete demographic information, consumption and perception of seafood to other proteins (chicken, pork, lamb and beef), what types of seafood consumed in the past week and the preparation methods used. Respondents were also asked whether they participated in physical activities and what barriers they had to recreational fishing. Although the sample size was small, this study provided validation to the survey instrument used. Reliability will now be assessed and the survey modified accordingly for use in a larger study to be conducted through CESSH. The study has also provided some direction for further work within a community based model of behaviour change communication.

dc.publisherCentre of Excellence for Science Seafood & Health (CESSH)
dc.subjecthealthy living practices
dc.subjectseafood consumption
dc.titleUnderstanding Seafood Consumption and Healthy Living Practices Report 2010
dc.typeWorking Paper
curtin.departmentCentre of Excellence for Science, Seafood & Health (CoESSH)
curtin.accessStatusOpen access

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