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dc.contributor.authorMajer, Jonathan
dc.contributor.authorWoinarski, J. C. Z.
dc.contributor.authorRecher, H. F.
dc.identifier.citationWoinarski, J. C. Z., H. F. Recher & J. D. Majer (1997). Vertebrates of eucalypt formations In: (ed. J. E. Williams & J. H. Z. Woinarski) Eucalypt ecology : individuals to ecosystems . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. 303 - 339.

In this chapter we assess the richness, distinctiveness and variability of the vertebrate fauna of eucalypt formations. We seek perspective and explanation of these characteristics by consideration of historical factors, by comparison with Australian environments other than those dominated by eucalypts, and by comparison with faunal patterns of woodlands and forests in other continents. Ironically, the dominance of much of Australian vegetation by eucalyptsrenders it difficult to distinguish the vertebrate fauna associated with eucalypts per se from a distinctive Australian fauna generally.

dc.titleVertebrates of eucalypt formations
dc.typeBook Chapter

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