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dc.contributor.authorKeum Kwak, Ock
dc.contributor.authorArooj, Mahreen
dc.contributor.authorYoon, Yong-Jin
dc.contributor.authorDuck Jeong, Euh
dc.contributor.authorKeun Park, Jong
dc.identifier.citationKeum Kwak, Ock and Arooj, Mahreen and Yoon, Yong-Jin and Duck Jeong, Euh and Keun Park, Jong. 2013. Orbital Interaction and Electron Density Transfer in PdII([9]aneB2A)L2 Complexes: Theoretical Approaches. Molecules. 18 (10): pp. 12687-12706.

The geometric structures of Pd-complexes {Pd([9]aneB2A)L2 and Pd([9]aneBAB)L2 where A = P, S; B = N; L = PH3, P(CH3)3, Cl−}, their selective orbital interaction towards equatorial or axial (soft A…Pd) coordination of macrocyclic [9]aneB2A tridentate to PdL2, and electron density transfer from the electron-rich trans L-ligand to the low-lying unfilled a1g(5s)-orbital of PdL2 were investigated using B3P86/lanl2DZ for Pd and 6-311+G** for other atoms. The pentacoordinate endo-[Pd([9]aneB2A)(L-donor)2]2+ complex with an axial (soft A--Pd) quasi-bond was optimized for stability. The fifth (soft A--Pd) quasi-bond between the σ-donor of soft A and the partially unfilled a1g(5s)-orbital of PdL2 was formed. The pentacoordinate endo-Pd([9]aneB2A)(L-donor)2]2+ complex has been found to be more stable than the corresponding tetracoordinate endo-Pd complexes. Except for the endo-Pd pentacoordinates, the tetracoordinate Pd([9]aneBAB)L2 complex with one equatorial (soft A-Pd) bond is found to be more stable than the Pd([9]aneB2A)L2 isomer without the equatorial (A-Pd) bond. In particular, the geometric configuration of endo-[Pd([9]anePNP)(L-donor)2]2+ could not be optimized.

dc.publisherM D P I AG
dc.subjectgeometric configuration
dc.subjectorbital interaction
dc.subjectsteric and electronic effects
dc.subjectposition selectivity
dc.subjectmacrocyclic tridentate
dc.titleOrbital Interaction and Electron Density Transfer in PdII([9]aneB2A)L2 Complexes: Theoretical Approaches
dc.typeJournal Article

This article is published under the Open Access publishing model and distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License Please refer to the licence to obtain terms for any further reuse or distribution of this work.

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