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dc.contributor.authorWisman, Putri
dc.contributor.authorUrosevic, Milovan
dc.contributor.authorDance, T.
dc.contributor.editorEAGE Publications
dc.identifier.citationWisman, Putri and Urosevic, Milovan and Dance, T. 2009. Integrated rock physics models for improved 4D seismic monitoring of CO2 sequestration in Otway Basin, Australia, in EAGE Publications (ed), 71st EAGE Conference & Exhibition, Jun 8 2009. Amsterdam: EAGE.

We build a detailed rock physics model that links the rock and fluid properties with seismic properties and accounts for variations in reservoir quality, fluid saturations, and seismic resolution. This approach will increase the accuracy of the predicted changes in elastic properties of the reservoir rock by calibration of the down-hole petrophysical log with core sample data and ultrasonic measurements. The results indicate that Vp core saturated provide good agreement with Vp log measurement when the “effective” Kgrain is applied. Results also suggest that “effective” Kgrain may be used to represent the average mineralogy of the grains. A comparative analysis has also been performed incorporating the petrographic descriptions and geochemical analysis. The expected mineralogy derived from “effective” Kgrain and petrographic analyses are very close further confirming the model. This type of detailed rock physics analysis provides the capability to forecast more accurately the changes in the 4D seismic response during long-term CO2 storage at the site, and could be a useful tool for future storage sites with similarly challenging geophysical monitoring objectives.

dc.titleIntegrated rock physics models for improved 4D seismic monitoring of CO2 sequestration in Otway Basin, Australia
dc.typeConference Paper
dcterms.source.titleEAGE Programme & Catalogue
dcterms.source.seriesEAGE Programme & Catalogue
dcterms.source.conference71st EAGE Conference & Exhibition
dcterms.source.conference-start-dateJun 8 2009
dcterms.source.placeThe Netherlands
curtin.accessStatusOpen access
curtin.facultyDepartment of Exploration Geophysics
curtin.facultyFaculty of Science and Engineering
curtin.facultyWA School of Mines

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