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dc.contributor.authorRajalingam, Sokkalingam
dc.contributor.authorBono, Awang
dc.contributor.authorbin Sulaiman, J.
dc.contributor.editor7th CUTSE Conference 2012
dc.identifier.citationRajalingam, Sokkalingam and Bono, Awang and bin Sulaiman, Jumat. 2012. Optimal Process Parameters Setting on Shrinkage of an Injection Molded Part using Design of Experiment Method, in 7th CUTSE Conference 2012 (ed), 7th CUTSE Conference 2012, Nov 6-7 2012. Sarawak, Malaysia: Curtin University.

Plastic injection molding is an important process to produce thin-shell plastic parts. However, the difficulty in adjusting optimum process parameters setting may cause defects of the injected molded parts such as shrinkage. In this study the author wants to investigate the process parameters which will affect the shrinkage defect on a plastic cell phone shell component. The machine process setting in use currently caused shrinkage where variations in the dimensions of the length and width below the specification limit. Therefore the experiment is needed to identify the optimal process parameters that could be set to maintain the length and width dimensions closest to the target value with smallest possible variation. The process parameters selected in this study are the mould[u1] temperature, injection pressure and screw rotation speed. The Design of Experimental (DOE) approach was used to investigate and identify the optimal moulding process parameters. The significant factors affecting the length and width of the cell phone shell were identified from ANOVA. Statistical results and analysis are used to provide better interpretation of the experiment. Confirmation run with the optimal process parameter setting found by DOE method determined that the shrinkage can be eliminate during mass production.

dc.publisher7th CUTSE Conference 2012
dc.subjecttarget value and model
dc.titleOptimal Process Parameters Setting on Shrinkage of an Injection Molded Part using Design of Experiment Method
dc.typeConference Paper
dcterms.source.title7th CUTSE Conference 2012
dcterms.source.series7th CUTSE Conference 2012
dcterms.source.conference7th CUTSE Conference 2012
dcterms.source.conference-start-dateNov 6 2012
dcterms.source.conferencelocationMiri, Sarawak
dcterms.source.placeMiri, Sarawak
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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