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dc.contributor.authorEl-Boubbou, K.
dc.contributor.authorAl-Kaysi, R.
dc.contributor.authorAl-Muhanna, M.
dc.contributor.authorBahhari, H.
dc.contributor.authorAl-Romaeh, A.
dc.contributor.authorDarwish, Nadim
dc.contributor.authorAl-Saad, K.
dc.contributor.authorAl-Suwaidan, S.
dc.identifier.citationEl-Boubbou, K. and Al-Kaysi, R. and Al-Muhanna, M. and Bahhari, H. and Al-Romaeh, A. and Darwish, N. and Al-Saad, K. et al. 2015. Ultra-small fatty acid-stabilized magnetite nanocolloids synthesized by in situ hydrolytic precipitation. Journal of Nanomaterials. 2015 (Article ID 620672).

© 2015 Kheireddine El-Boubbou et al. Simple, fast, large-scale, and cost-effective preparation of uniform controlled magnetic nanoparticles remains a major hurdle on the way towards magnetically targeted applications at realistic technical conditions. Herein, we present a unique one-pot approach that relies on simple basic hydrolytic in situ coprecipitation of inexpensive metal salts (Fe<sup>2+</sup> and Fe<sup>3+</sup>) compartmentalized by stabilizing fatty acids and aided by the presence of alkylamines. The synthesis was performed at relatively low temperatures (80°C) without the use of high-boiling point solvents and elevated temperatures. This method allowed for the production of ultra-small, colloidal, and hydrophobically stabilized magnetite metal oxide nanoparticles readily dispersed in organic solvents. The results reveal that the obtained magnetite nanoparticles exhibit narrow size distributions, good monodispersities, high saturation magnetizations, and excellent colloidal stabilities. When the [fatty acid]: [Fe] ratio was varied, control over nanoparticle diameters within the range of 2-10 nm was achieved. The amount of fatty acid and alkylamine used during the reaction proved critical in governing morphology, dispersity, uniformity, and colloidal stability. Upon exchange with water-soluble polymers, the ultra-small sized particles become biologically relevant, with great promise for theranostic applications as imaging and magnetically targeted delivery vehicles.

dc.publisherHindawi Publishing Corporation
dc.titleUltra-small fatty acid-stabilized magnetite nanocolloids synthesized by in situ hydrolytic precipitation
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleJournal of Nanomaterials

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curtin.departmentNanochemistry Research Institute
curtin.accessStatusOpen access

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