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dc.contributor.authorMarchegiani, Chris
dc.identifier.citationMarchegiani, Chris. 2009. A comparison of emotional responses between personal and historical nostalgia, Marketing Insights; School of Marketing. Working Papers Series: no. 2009003, Curtin University of Technology, School of Marketing.

This research examines the differences in emotional responses of 806 respondents exposed to Personal or Historical Nostalgic advertising appeals using experimental research design. Five emotions common to both conditions are revealed and significant changes in intensity of these emotions are explored. As hypothesised, emotions are significantly more intense under the Personal Nostalgic condition compared to the Historical, although not in all five emotion components. This research highlights the need to treat Nostalgia as two separate appeals and provides insight useful to practitioners about these distinct reactions. It also suggests the need for future research into Personal and Historical Nostalgia?s effects.

dc.publisherSchool of Marketing, Curtin Business School
dc.subjectAdvertising appeal
dc.subjectPersonal Nostalgia
dc.subjectHistorical Nostalgia
dc.subjectExperimental research
dc.subjectEmotion intensity
dc.titleA comparison of emotional responses between personal and historical nostalgia
dc.typeWorking Paper
dcterms.source.seriesMarketing Insights
curtin.accessStatusOpen access
curtin.facultyCurtin Business School
curtin.facultySchool of Marketing

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