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dc.contributor.authorStalmach, A.
dc.contributor.authorEdwards, Christine
dc.contributor.authorWightman, J.
dc.contributor.authorCrozier, A.
dc.identifier.citationStalmach, A. and Edwards, C. and Wightman, J. and Crozier, A. 2011. Identification of (Poly)phenolic compounds in concord grape juice and their metabolites in human plasma and urine after juice consumption. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 59 (17): pp. 9512-9522.

Analysis of Concord grape juice by HPLC with ESI-MSn, PDA, and fluorescence detection resulted in the identification and quantification of 60 flavonoids and related phenolic compounds, which were present at an overall concentration of 1508 ± 31 μmol/L. A total of 25 anthocyanins were detected, which were mono- and di-O-glucosides, O-acetylglucosides, O-p-coumaroyl-O-diglucosides, and O-p-coumaroylglucosides of delphinidin, cyanidin, petunidin, peonidin, and malvidin. The anthocyanins represented 46% of the total phenolic content of the juice (680 μmol/L). Tartaric esters of hydroxycinnamic acids, namely, trans-caftaric and trans-coutaric acids, and to a lesser extent trans-fertaric acid accounted for 29% of the phenolic content, with a total concentration of 444 μmol/L, of which 85% comprised trans-caftaric acid. Free hydroxycinnamic acids were also quantified but contributed to <1% of the total phenolic content (8.4 μmol/L). The other groups of polyphenolic compounds present in the juice, accounting for 24% of the total, comprised monomeric and oligomeric units of (epi)catechin and (epi)gallocatechin (248 μmol/L), flavonols (76 μmol/L), gallic acid (51 μmol/L), and trans-resveratrol (1.5 μmol/L). The bioavailability of the (poly)phenolic compounds in 350 mL of juice was investigated following acute intake by healthy volunteers. Plasma and urine were collected over 0–24 h and analyzed for parent compounds and metabolites. In total, 41 compounds, principally metabolites, were identified.

dc.titleIdentification of (Poly)phenolic compounds in concord grape juice and their metabolites in human plasma and urine after juice consumption
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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