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dc.contributor.authorPandarinathan, Vedapriya
dc.contributor.authorLepkova, Katerina
dc.contributor.authorVan Bronswijk, Wilhelm
dc.identifier.citationPandarinathan, Vedapriya and Lepkova, Katerina and Van Bronswijk, Wilhelm. 2014. Chukanovite (Fe2(OH)2Co3) identified as a corrosion product at sand-deposited carbon steel in CO2-saturated brine. Corrosion Science. [In Press].

Chukanovite (Fe2(OH)2CO3) has been identified by synchrotron-sourced infrared microspectroscopy as the main corrosion product at the sand-deposited carbon steel corroded in CO2-saturated brine at 80 °C. Siderite has been shown as a minor corrosion product at the sand-deposited steel, and the only product at the sand-free steel. The sand-deposited steels have similar general corrosion rates as the sand-free steels, but were susceptible to localized corrosion. These differences are related to the presence of the sand-deposit at the surface that influences the local micro-environment and promotes the formation of the mixed layer of corrosion products (chukanovite and siderite) at the carbon steel.

dc.subjectB. Polarization
dc.subjectB. SEM
dc.subjectA. Carbon steel
dc.subjectB. IR spectroscopy
dc.titleChukanovite (Fe2(OH)2Co3) identified as a corrosion product at sand-deposited carbon steel in CO2-saturated brine
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleCorrosion Science
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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