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dc.contributor.authorDeng, D.
dc.contributor.authorYu, H.
dc.contributor.authorLi, Y.
dc.contributor.authorHua, Y.
dc.contributor.authorJia, Guohua
dc.contributor.authorZhao, S.
dc.contributor.authorWang, H.
dc.contributor.authorHuang, L.
dc.contributor.authorLi, Y.
dc.contributor.authorLi, C.
dc.contributor.authorXu, S.
dc.identifier.citationDeng, D. and Yu, H. and Li, Y. and Hua, Y. and Jia, G. and Zhao, S. and Wang, H. et al. 2013. Ca4(PO4)2O: Eu2+ red-emitting phosphor for solid-state lighting: Structure, luminescent properties and white light emitting diode application. Journal of Materials Chemistry C. 1 (19): pp. 3194-3199.

A red-emitting phosphor, Eu2+-activated Ca4(PO 4)2O phosphor was synthesized by conventional solid-state reaction. X-ray powder diffraction confirmed the phase formation. The band gap of Ca4(PO4)2O was estimated to be about 4.75 eV from the diffuse reflection spectrum. The excitation and emission spectra, and the concentration dependence of emission intensity were investigated. The results showed that under excitation at 460 nm, the Ca4(PO 4)2O:Eu2+ phosphors exhibit strong red emission centered at 665 nm, and the optimum concentration of Eu2+ in Ca 4(PO4)2O:Eu2+ is about 0.07 mol per mol Ca2+ ions. The nature of the Eu2+ ion emission in Ca4(PO4)2O, i.e. the main mechanism for concentration quenching was discussed. A white LED was fabricated using a blue 460 nm chip pumped by a phosphor blend of green-emitting Sr2SiO 4:Eu2+ and red-emitting Ca3.93(PO 4)2O:0.07Eu2+. When the applied current was 20 mA, the white LED has Commission International de I'Eclairage color coordinates of (0.3135, 0.3316) for white light (correlated color temperature = 6446 K) and an excellent color rendering index of 90.5. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2013.

dc.publisherR S C Publishing
dc.titleCa4(PO4)2O: Eu2+ red-emitting phosphor for solid-state lighting: Structure, luminescent properties and white light emitting diode application
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleJournal of Materials Chemistry C
curtin.departmentNanochemistry Research Institute
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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