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dc.contributor.authorZhou, M.
dc.contributor.authorKennedy, Allen
dc.contributor.authorSun, M.
dc.contributor.authorMalpas, J.
dc.contributor.authorLescher, C.
dc.identifier.citationZhou, Mei-fu and Kennedy, Allen and Sun, Min and Malpas, John and Lescher, Chris. 2002. Neoproterozoic Arc - related mafic intrusions along the Northern Margin of South China: implications for accretion of Rodinia. Journal of Geology. 110 (5): pp. 611-618.

South China has been considered as part of the Rodinian supercontinent during Neoproterozoic time, although itspaleogeographic position within this supercontinent is still a matter of debate. The Wangjiangshan and Bijigou complexesalong the northern margin of South China are among the largest mafic intrusions in China. New SHRIMPzircon U-Pb results indicate that these two intrusions have crystallization ages of 820 Ma and 780 Ma, respectively.Enrichment of large ion lithophile and light rare earth elements and depletion of high field-strength elements in theseintrusions suggest derivation from an active arc along a continental margin. This interpretation of these intrusionsas part of a continental arc assemblage is in contrast with the previous view that they were products of a Neoproterozoicmantle plume that initiated the breakup of Rodinia. The presence of a Neoproterozoic magmatic arc suggests thatRodinian oceanic lithosphere was subducted beneath the (present) northern margin of South China and therefore thatSouth China flanked the Rodinian ocean.

dc.publisherUniversity of Chicago Press
dc.titleNeoproterozoic Arc - related mafic intrusions along the Northern Margin of South China: implications for accretion of Rodinia
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleJournal of Geology

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