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dc.contributor.authorNielsen, P.
dc.contributor.authorClark, A.
dc.contributor.authorOliver, Richard
dc.contributor.authorHuber, M.
dc.contributor.authorSpanu, P.
dc.identifier.citationNIELSEN PS, CLARK AJ, OLIVER RP, HUBER M, SPANU PD (2001) HCf-6, a novel class II hydrophobin from Cladosporium fulvum Microbiological Research 156 59-63

C. fulvum, a fungal tomato pathogen, has previously been shown to express a complex family of hydrophobin genes including four class I hydrophobins and one class II hydrophobin. Here we describe a gene for HCf-6, a sixth member of the hydrophobin family and the second class II gene. The protein is predicted to consist of a signal sequence, an N-terminus rich in glycine and asparagine and a C-terminal hydrophobic domain which bears the hall-marks of hydrophobins. In contrast to the previously described class II hydrophobin HCf-5, HCf-6 is expressed in mycelium growing in pure culture and mRNA levels do not increase during sporulation. It is down-regulated by carbon starvation but not by depletion of nitrogen in the growth medium.

dc.titleHCf-6, a novel class II hydrophobin from Cladosporium fulvum
dc.typeJournal Article

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