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dc.contributor.authorHou, X.
dc.contributor.authorWang, J.
dc.contributor.authorZhang, M.
dc.contributor.authorLiu, X.
dc.contributor.authorShao, Zongping
dc.contributor.authorLi, W.
dc.contributor.authorHu, S.
dc.identifier.citationHou, X. and Wang, J. and Zhang, M. and Liu, X. and Shao, Z. and Li, W. and Hu, S. 2014. Facile spray-drying/pyrolysis synthesis of intertwined SiO@CNFs&G composites as superior anode materials for Li-ion batteries. RSC Advances. 4 (65): pp. 34615-34622.

A silicon monoxide/carbon nanofibers/graphite (SiO@CNFs&G) composite with outstanding electrochemistry performance has been easily synthesized using a simple method based on spray drying in combination with a subsequent pyrolysis process; carbon nanofibers intertwined with carbon coated silicon monoxide spherical composites and embedded micron-sized graphite. The combination of twisted carbon nanofibers, graphite and amorphous carbon-coating layer accommodates the large volume change of silicon during the lithium intercalation/extraction process, which stabilizes electrode structure during discharge-charge cycles. As an anode material, the as-obtained SiO@CNFs&G composite demonstrates high capacity and excellent cycle stability. An initial specific discharge capacity of approximately 1031.7 mA h g-1 with a coulombic efficiency of 56.6% and a reversible specific capacity of approximately 615.1 mA h g-1 after 100 cycles at a constant density of 100 mA g-1 is achieved, which is about two times the values for graphite. Because of the facile synthesis process and fascinating performance of the prepared electrode, significant commercial potential is expected.

dc.publisherRoyal Society of Chemistry
dc.titleFacile spray-drying/pyrolysis synthesis of intertwined SiO@CNFs&G composites as superior anode materials for Li-ion batteries
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleRSC Advances
curtin.departmentDepartment of Chemical Engineering
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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