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dc.contributor.authorHu, Xun
dc.contributor.authorWang, S.
dc.contributor.authorWu, Liping
dc.contributor.authorDong, Dehua
dc.contributor.authorHasan, Md Mahmudul
dc.contributor.authorLi, Chun-Zhu
dc.identifier.citationHu, X. and Wang, S. and Wu, L. and Dong, D. and Hasan, M.M. and Li, C. 2014. Acid-treatment of C5 and C6 sugar monomers/oligomers: Insight into their interactions. Fuel Processing Technology. 126: pp. 315-323.

Carbohydrates are the intermediates/products during hydrolysis of biomass, which can be converted to value-added chemicals/biofuels via further acid-catalysis. The interactions between the typical carbohydrates/furans including glucose, fructose, raffinose, xylose, and furfural during their acid-catalyzed conversion in water/dimethyl sufoxide were investigated in this study. The insoluble polymer formed from the carbohydrates was measured and characterized with FT-IR, while the soluble polymers were characterized with a UV-fluorescence spectrometer. The interaction or cross-polymerization of xylose/glucose, fructose/raffinose, furfural/glucose, and furfural/fructose does exist, producing more soluble polymer but not significantly more insoluble polymer. The insoluble polymer deactivates the solid acid catalyst, slowing down conversion of sugars/intermediates. In addition, different sugars have very different propensities towards polymerization in water, which follows the order: fructose < raffinose < glucose < xylose < furfural. In addition, the acid-treatment of glucose in DMSO and in water produces the similar amount of insoluble polymer, while the insoluble polymer formed in the acid-treatment of xylose is less in DMSO than in water at the experimental conditions employed.

dc.subjectLevulinic acid
dc.subjectAcid-catalyzed conversion
dc.titleAcid-treatment of C5 and C6 sugar monomers/oligomers: Insight into their interactions
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleFuel Processing Technology
curtin.departmentDepartment of Chemical Engineering
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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