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dc.contributor.authorWolf, R.
dc.contributor.authorIssa, Theodora
dc.identifier.citationWolf, R. and Issa, T. (eds). 2015. International Business Ethics and Growth Opportunities. USA: Business Science Reference.

In the modern business environment, companies strive to create a sense of moral obligation within their employees in an effort to foster a concern for social welfare and justice among global organizations. Despite the efforts of managers and directors, many companies continue to find it difficult to overcome the moral dilemmas of the corporate sector. International Business Ethics and Growth Opportunities presents the necessary methods and resources for managers and directors to be successful in leading their corporations in a responsible and morally conscious manner. Examining the dangers of unethical behavior, this book provides the strategies and tools for proper management to encourage company strength and success. This publication is an essential resource for academicians, researchers, officials, post-graduate students, and professionals in the fields of business and business education interested in ethical decision making on the individual and company level.

dc.titleInternational Business Ethics and Growth Opportunities
curtin.departmentSchool of Management
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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