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dc.contributor.authorCoenen, Pieter
dc.contributor.authorDouwes, M.
dc.contributor.authorvan den Heuvel, S.
dc.contributor.authorBosch, T.
dc.identifier.citationCoenen, P. and Douwes, M. and van den Heuvel, S. and Bosch, T. 2015. Towards exposure limits for working postures and musculoskeletal symptoms - a prospective cohort study. Ergonomics. 59 (9): pp. 1182-1192.

Occupational postures are considered to be an important group of risk factors for musculoskeletal pain. However, the exposure-outcome association is not clear yet. Therefore, we aimed to determine the exposure-outcome association of working postures and musculoskeletal symptoms. Also, we aimed to establish exposure limits for working postures. In a prospective cohort study among 789 workers, intensity, frequency and duration of postures were assessed at baseline using observations. Musculoskeletal pain was assessed cross-sectionally and longitudinally and associations of postures and pain were addressed using logistic regression analyses. Cut-off points were estimated based on ROC-curve analyses. Associations were found for kneeling/crouching and low-back pain, neck flexion and rotation and neck pain, trunk flexion and low-back pain, and arm elevation and neck and shoulder pain. The results provide insight into exposure-outcome relations between working postures and musculoskeletal symptoms as well as evidence-based working posture exposure limits that can be used in future guidelines and risk assessment tools.

dc.titleTowards exposure limits for working postures and musculoskeletal symptoms - a prospective cohort study
dc.typeJournal Article
curtin.departmentSchool of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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