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dc.contributor.authorAbu-Siada, Ahmed
dc.contributor.authorLai, Sin
dc.contributor.authorIslam, Syed
dc.contributor.editorNot known
dc.identifier.citationAbu-Siada, Ahmed and Lai, Sin and Islam, Syed. 2008. A Novel Application of Gene Expression Programming in Transformer Diagnostics, 2008 Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference, Dec 14 2008. Sydney, Australia: University of New South Wales.

Furans are the major degradation of insulating paper in transformer oil. Hence the concentration of furans in oilcan be used as a good indicator of paper deterioration. Furan concentration in transformer oil is currently measured usingHigh-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) or Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS). Both methods provide accurate and reliable results in detecting furan concentration. However, the two methods need very expensive equipments and take long time to get the result for one sample. Moreover it requires a trained expert to perform and interpret the results. This paper introduces a novel approach for detecting furan concentration in transformer oil through measuring itsspectral response. The Ultraviolet-to-Visible (UV-Vis) spectral response of transformer oil can be measured instantly withrelatively cheap equipment and does not need an expert person to conduct the test. Results show that there is a good correlation between oil spectral response and its furan contents. Also, the paper introduces a novel application for Gene Expression Programming (GEP) to estimate the relationship between furan concentration and spectral response of transformer oil.

dc.publisherUniversity of New South Wales
dc.titleA Novel Application of Gene Expression Programming in Transformer Diagnostics
dc.typeConference Paper
dcterms.source.titleProceedings of the 2008 Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference
dcterms.source.seriesProceedings of the 2008 Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference
dcterms.source.conference2008 Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference
dcterms.source.conference-start-dateDec 14 2008
dcterms.source.conferencelocationSydney, Australia
dcterms.source.placeSydney, Australia
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available
curtin.facultyDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering
curtin.facultySchool of Engineering
curtin.facultyFaculty of Science and Engineering

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