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dc.contributor.authorBennett, Dawn
dc.contributor.authorReid, A.
dc.contributor.authorPetocz, P.
dc.identifier.citationBennett, D. and Reid, A. and Petocz, P. 2014. Creative workers’ views on cultural heritage and sustainability. Journal of Aesthetics & Culture. 6 (2014).

This paper presents the ‘‘Arts-Sustainability Heritage’’ (ASH) model which may be used to understand the values and actions of creative workers in relation to cultural heritage and sustainability. The model is derived from previous research on conceptions of sustainability, and the qualitative data comes from the ‘‘Creative Workforce’’ survey. We contend that artistic work is essential both for cultural heritage through the work’s reference and reinterpretation of culture, and for sustainability as a reflection on the current and future state of society. Artistic work is often considered an intangible cultural asset, and hence, the contribution of creative workers is often overlooked in a policy environment. The ASH model contributes to understanding the contribution of this ephemeral work toward cultural heritage and sustainability.

dc.publisherCoAction Publishing
dc.subjectcultural heritage
dc.subjectcreative work
dc.titleCreative workers’ views on cultural heritage and sustainability
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleJournal of aesthetics & culture

This article is published under the Open Access publishing model and distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License Please refer to the licence to obtain terms for any further reuse or distribution of this work.

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