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dc.contributor.authorCavanagh, Rob
dc.contributor.authorSharnoff, D.
dc.contributor.editorInghilleri, P., Riva, G. & Riva, E.
dc.identifier.citationCavanagh, R. and Sharnoff, D. 2014. Positive change and scholastic education. In Enabling positive change: Flow and complexity in daily experience, ed. Inghilleri, P., Riva, G. & Riva, E., 123-137. Warsaw: De Gruyter.

In this contribution the authors will explore the relationship between the school learning environment and positive psychological experience and theory. Specific attention will be addressed to flow, classroom experiences and optimal learning environments reported by scholars of education. The research reported in this chapter examined associations between flow and characteristics of both students and learning environments in secondary school classrooms. The theoretical bases of related lines of inquiry in Australia and the USA were derived from flow theory. The research methodology was systematic phenomenology in which targeted empirical questions were answered by the application of empirical tools and statistical analyses. The research shows the importance of positive relationships, intrinsic motivation, emotional support, relational support, positive self-esteem and self-concept for promoting flow and student engagement in the classroom. The application of meta-cognitive strategies such as planning, strategizing, provision of feedback, high expectations and mastery experiences were also revealed as essential facilitators of flow in learning environments.

dc.publisherDe Gruyter Open Ltd
dc.subjectLearning environment
dc.subjectHigh school
dc.subjectPositive education
dc.titlePositive change and scholastic education
dc.typeBook Chapter
dcterms.source.titleEnabling positive change: Flow and complexity in daily experience

This open access book chapter is distributed under the Creative Commons license

curtin.departmentSchool of Education
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