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dc.contributor.authorPatra, N.
dc.contributor.authorBray, J.
dc.contributor.authorRoberts, P.
dc.contributor.authorEkers, Ronald
dc.identifier.citationPatra, N. and Bray, J. and Roberts, P. and Ekers, R. 2017. Bandpass calibration of a wideband spectrometer using coherent pulse injection. Experimental Astronomy. 43 (2): pp. 119-129.

© 2017 Springer Science+Business Media DordrechtWe present a relatively simple time domain method for determining the bandpass response of a system by injecting a nanosecond pulse and capturing the system voltage output. A pulse of sub-nanosecond duration contains all frequency components with nearly constant amplitude up to 1 GHz. Hence, this method can accurately determine the system bandpass response to a broadband signal. In a novel variation on this impulse response method, a train of pulses is coherently accumulated providing precision calibration with a simple system. The basic concept is demonstrated using a pulse generator-accumulator setup realised in a Bedlam board which is a high speed digital signal processing unit. The same system was used at the Parkes radio telescope between 2–13 October 2013 and we demonstrate its powerful diagnostic capability. We also present some initial test data from this experiment.

dc.publisherSpringer Netherlands
dc.titleBandpass calibration of a wideband spectrometer using coherent pulse injection
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleExperimental Astronomy
curtin.departmentCurtin Institute of Radio Astronomy (Engineering)
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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