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dc.contributor.authorDixon, Robert
dc.contributor.editorJan Wright
dc.identifier.citationDixon, R. 2011. Creating an e-portfolio application for the development of educational leaders, in Jan Wright (ed), Proceedings of the AARE Conference, Nov 27 2011, Paper Code 00161. Hobart, Tasmania: Australian Association for Research in Education.

This paper is a result of a study which followed the development of aspiring and current school leaders as they negotiated an e-portfolio application created by the author. The portfolio aimed to promote reflective practice, professionalism and accountability in users. The following outlines the authoring of the portfolio software and reports on the perceptions of users as to its efficacy during a one year trial period. It outlines in detail the architecture of the portfolio and the engineering of the application. The portfolio design, which was influenced by Quintana, Reiser, Davis, Krajcik, Golan, Kyza, Edelson and Soloway (2002) underpins concerns in terms of cognitive considerations for scaffolding the process management, sense making and articulation issues in software construction. The features and stages of implementation are provided and an overview of the conceptualisation and design of the portfolio is described. Access and navigation details are detailed and illustrated. Examples of how participants in the project negotiated the portfolio and inserted artefacts to demonstrate leadership qualities and characteristics are discussed. The study found that designing an e-portfolio which provides for the growth of educational leadership requires careful preparation in terms of design elements such as planning and goal setting, the development of collaboration between participants, linking capabilities, flexibility of application, transportability, start up costs and maintenance. It needs a foundation of a well researched conceptual framework, (in this case the Wildy & Louden, 2002 Leadership Framework), thoughtful implementation and training and it needs to be easy to use. Participants were positive about the impact of the portfolio on their capacity for the creation of a vision which transformative leaders aspire to. Creating a portfolio had the additional effect of a growing perception of improved ICT skills by participants. The study concludes that an e-portfolio such as described in this paper, has the potential to be a powerful tool for developing educational leadership skills

dc.publisherAustralian Association for Research in Education
dc.titleCreating an e-portfolio application for the development of educational leaders
dc.typeConference Paper
dcterms.source.titleAARE 2011 Conference Proceedings
dcterms.source.seriesAARE 2011 Conference Proceedings
dcterms.source.conferenceAARE Conference 2011
dcterms.source.conference-start-dateNov 27 2011
dcterms.source.conferencelocationHobart, Tasmania
dcterms.source.placeDeakin, ACT
curtin.departmentSchool of Education
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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