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dc.contributor.authorLee, S.
dc.contributor.authorLaiman, A.
dc.contributor.authorFrench, M.
dc.contributor.authorFlexman, J.
dc.contributor.authorWatson, M.
dc.contributor.authorPrice, Patricia
dc.identifier.citationLee, S. and Laiman, A. and French, M. and Flexman, J. and Watson, M. and Price, P. 2017. The dynamics of HCV-specific antibody responses in HIV/HCV patients on long-term antiretroviral therapy. Clinical Immunology. 179: pp. 54-63.

Antibody responses have not been fully characterised in chronically HIV/HCV patients receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART). Seventeen HIV/HCV patients receiving ART were followed for a median (range) interval of 597 (186–766) weeks. Prior to ART, HIV/HCV patients had lower levels of antibodies reactive with HCV core and JFH-1, and lower genotype cross-reactive neutralising antibodies (nAb) titres, than HCV patients. Levels of JFH-1 reactive antibody increased on ART, irrespective of CD4+ T-cell counts or changes in serum ALT levels. The appearance of nAb coincided with control of HCV viral replication in five HIV/HCV patients. In other patients, HCV viral loads remained elevated despite nAb responses. Sustained virological responses following HCV therapy were associated with reduced antibody responses to JFH-1 and core but elevated responses to non-structural proteins. We conclude that nAb responses alone may fail to clear HCV, but contribute to control of viral replication in some HIV/HCV patients responding to ART.

dc.publisherAcademic Press
dc.titleThe dynamics of HCV-specific antibody responses in HIV/HCV patients on long-term antiretroviral therapy
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleClinical Immunology
curtin.departmentSchool of Biomedical Sciences
curtin.accessStatusOpen access

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