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dc.contributor.authorPirogova, A.
dc.contributor.authorGurevich, B.
dc.contributor.authorPevzner, R.
dc.contributor.authorGlubokovskikh, Stanislav
dc.identifier.citationPirogova, A. and Gurevich, B. and Pevzner, R. and Glubokovskikh, S. 2017. Estimation of intrinsic Q in finely-layered media by wavefield inversion of VSP data - Australian North West Shelf case-study.

Seismic waves propagating through attenuative subsurface exhibit amplitude loss and distortion of frequency spectra. Proper description of attenuation process is required to compensate for these effects. Moreover, inelastic attenuation contains information on rock properties and could be utilized in attribute analysis for subsurface characterization. We propose to quantify inelastic (intrinsic) attenuation in horizontally-layered media by wavefield inversion of VSP data with respect to effective interval Q-factors. Impact of short-path multiples in finely-layered subsurface, i.e. scattering at stratigraphic boundaries, and other interference effects are taken into account by forward simulation over a high-resolution elastic model acquired from the well logs (resolution of 1.5m). We present a case study of approximate-zero-offset vertical seismic profile data from Wheatstone offshore site (Northern Shelf of Western Australia). First we describe the algorithm of 1D waveform Q-inversion. Then we validate it on the full-wave synthetics computed for the field survey geometry using a Global Matrix approach (OASES MIT code). Finally, we discuss the results of the Q-inversion application to the field ZVSP dataset versus Q-estimates by Centroid Frequency Shift method.

dc.titleEstimation of intrinsic Q in finely-layered media by wavefield inversion of VSP data - Australian North West Shelf case-study
dc.typeConference Paper
dcterms.source.title79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2017
dcterms.source.series79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2017
curtin.departmentDepartment of Exploration Geophysics
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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