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dc.contributor.authorGuggisberg, Marika
dc.identifier.citationGuggisberg, M. 2017. Violence Against Women in the Family Home: Acknowledging the Role of Education and the Opportunities to Utilise Technology in Prevention Efforts. Technology, Knowledge and Learning. 22 (2): pp. 227-235.

Professionals in the health and education sector require knowledge and understanding of issues of family violence. Violence in the family home against women and children continues to present alarming problems. Significant evidence suggests that not only current and former female partners, but also children, are exposed to violence in the home. Research into intimate partner violence provides insight into the complex overlap between different forms of violence and resulting mental health problems along with maladaptive coping mechanisms. This article first reports on findings of an anonymous study among 227 community women’s experiences of different types of intimate partner violence to correct assumptions of single type violence. It then elaborates on opportunities of providing knowledge transfer using technology to assist teachers who have been entrusted with the provision of school-based prevention programs. Recent recognition of teachers’ unique position to provide preventative intervention poses challenges. It is argued that what educators know about intimate partner violence and its impact on victimised women and children affects their willingness to integrate prevention programs into the curriculum. In particular, technology may help to support and enhance the acquisition of critical knowledge and understanding about violence in the family home of in-service teachers. Teachers are encouraged to establish a platform through which they connect through internet technology to share information, learn from and encourage each other in the task of integrating IPV prevention into their curriculum. This may increase effectiveness of school-based prevention programs to address violence against women and children in the family home.

dc.publisherSpringer Netherlands
dc.titleViolence Against Women in the Family Home: Acknowledging the Role of Education and the Opportunities to Utilise Technology in Prevention Efforts
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleTechnology, Knowledge and Learning
curtin.departmentWA Centre for Health Promotion Research
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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