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dc.contributor.authorAldous, L.
dc.contributor.authorSilvester, Debbie
dc.contributor.authorPitner, W.
dc.contributor.authorCompton, R.
dc.contributor.authorLagunas, M.
dc.contributor.authorHardacre, C.
dc.identifier.citationAldous, L. and Silvester, D. and Pitner, W. and Compton, R. and Lagunas, M. and Hardacre, C. 2007. Voltammetric Studies of Gold, Protons, and [HCl2]- in Ionic Liquids. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 111: pp. 8496-8503.

The comparative study of the voltammetry of H[NTf2], HCl and H[AuCl4] in [C4mim][NTf2] has provided an insight into the influence of protons on the reduction of [AuCl4]- at Au, Pt or glassy carbon (GC) electrodes, and has allowed the identification of an unprecedented proton-induced electroless deposition of Au on relatively inert GC surfaces. For the first time, clear evidence of the quantitative formation of [HCl2]- has been obtained in HCl/[C4mim][NTf2] mixtures, and the electrochemical behavior of these mixtures analyzed. In particular, a significant shift of the dissociation equilibrium toward the formation of chloride and the solvated proton (HIL+), following electrochemical reduction of HIL+ has been observed in the time-scale of the experiments.

dc.publisherAmerican Chemical Society
dc.titleVoltammetric Studies of Gold, Protons, and [HCl2]- in Ionic Liquids
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleJournal of Physical Chemistry C
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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