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dc.contributor.authorAslam, Z.
dc.contributor.authorAkhtar, S.
dc.contributor.authorImran, M.
dc.contributor.authorNadeem, M.
dc.contributor.authorGilani, S.
dc.contributor.authorElnashar, Magdy
dc.contributor.authorAhmed, E.
dc.identifier.citationAslam, Z. and Akhtar, S. and Imran, M. and Nadeem, M. and Gilani, S. and Elnashar, M. and Ahmed, E. 2017. Antioxidant Activity, Anti-Inflammatory Activities, Anti-Cancer and Chemical Composition of Spring Onion (Allium Fistolisum) Extracts. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences. 8 (2): pp. 1880-1890.

Spring Onion (Allium fistolisum) is a promising source of bioactive moieties such as quercetin and flavonoids that exhibited various biological activities as anticancer and antioxidant. Samples of spring onion were analyzed using HPLC. Minerals profiling, antioxidant potential, and quantification of polyphenols were measured as indicators of antibacterial, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory activities. The quercetin and gallic acid contents in leaves and bulb portion were reported at 23.42±2.34 & 16.96±1.69 and 15.06±1.56 & 99.57±9.55, respectively. Likewise, chlorogenic and p-coumaric acid were quantified in leaves at 10.37±1.03, where as it was 12.33±1.23 in bulb portion. Results revealed that ethanol extract of the bulb portion exhibited the highest percentage inhibition of 10.45± 1.04% against anti-inflammatory activity as compared to methanol extract, 8.53 ± 0.85%.Similarly, bulb ethanolic and methanolic extracts of spring onion showed anticancer inhibition activities as 10.03 ± 1.00 & 31.00 ± 1.77%.In brief, spring onion has good anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anticancer potential and it is recommended to use these extracts on the pharmaceutical level.

dc.titleAntioxidant Activity, Anti-Inflammatory Activities, Anti-Cancer and Chemical Composition of Spring Onion (Allium Fistolisum) Extracts
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleResearch Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences
curtin.departmentSchool of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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