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dc.contributor.authorDe Vitis, M.
dc.contributor.authorAbbandonato, H.
dc.contributor.authorDixon, Kingsley
dc.contributor.authorLaverack, G.
dc.contributor.authorBonomi, C.
dc.contributor.authorPedrini, Simone
dc.identifier.citationDe Vitis, M. and Abbandonato, H. and Dixon, K. and Laverack, G. and Bonomi, C. and Pedrini, S. 2017. The European native seed industry: Characterization and perspectives in grassland restoration. Sustainability. 9 (10): 1682.

© 2017 by the authors. The European Union committed to restore 15% of degraded ecosystems by 2020, and to comply with this goal, native plant material, such as seeds, is needed in large quantities. The native seed production of herbaceous species plays a critical role in supplying seed for restoration of a key ecosystem: grasslands. The objective of this work is to provide for the first time a characterization of the sector at a multi-country European level together with key information about the community of native seed users via intensive web-based research and a direct survey of industry participants. Based on more than 1300 contacts and direct surveying of more than 200 stakeholders across Europe, responses indicated that: the European native seed industry consists primarily of small to medium enterprises; responding native seed users purchase annually an average of 3600 kg of seeds with an average expenditure of €17,600; the industry (suppliers and consumers) favours development of seed zones and would participate in a European network for knowledge sharing. This study provides framework principles that can guide decisions in this sector, critical for fulfilling the growing demand for native seed as a primary tool for large-scale restoration on the continent.

dc.publisherM D P I AG
dc.titleThe European native seed industry: Characterization and perspectives in grassland restoration
dc.typeJournal Article
curtin.departmentSchool of Molecular and Life Sciences (MLS)
curtin.accessStatusOpen access

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