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dc.contributor.authorDeshmukh, Abhijeet Popatrao
dc.contributor.supervisorProf. Arunasalam Dharmarajanen_US

This study investigated molecular signals involved in sustaining CSCs and ways to target their activity using sFRP4 alone or in combination with chemotherapeutic drugs, possible involvement of methylation-mediated silencing of the sFRP gene family, and metabolic reprogramming by relocating metabolic flux to glycolysis or oxidative phosphorylation. sFRPs have an ability to sensitize tumour cells to chemotherapeutic drugs, thereby enhancing cell death. Altogether, sFRP4 treatment compromises the cell proliferation, and critically affects the cell survival mechanisms of CSCs.

dc.publisherCurtin Universityen_US
dc.titleThe Role of Secreted Frizzled-related Protein-4 (sFRP4) in the Epigenetics, Metabolism and Chemo-sensitisation of Cancer Stem Cellsen_US
curtin.departmentSchool of Biomedical Sciencesen_US
curtin.accessStatusOpen accessen_US
curtin.facultyHealth Sciencesen_US

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