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dc.contributor.authorHu, J.
dc.contributor.authorShi, Z.
dc.contributor.authorSu, Chao
dc.contributor.authorLu, B.
dc.contributor.authorShao, Zongping
dc.contributor.authorHuang, H.
dc.identifier.citationHu, J. and Shi, Z. and Su, C. and Lu, B. and Shao, Z. and Huang, H. 2018. Anchoring perovskite LaMnO3 nanoparticles on biomass−derived N, P co−doped porous carbon for efficient oxygen reduction. Electrochimica Acta. 274: pp. 40-48.

We propose a new perovskite/carbon composite of LaMnO 3 nanoparticles anchored on N and P co-doped porous carbon as an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in alkaline solution. A facile two-step method is applied for the synthesis of such composite, involving the pyrolysis of cheap, abundant and renewable natural okara with the formation of N and P co-doped porous carbon for the first step, and the deposition of LaMnO 3 nanoparticles on the carbon surface by sol-gel synthesis at the second step. A synergistic effect is built between the LaMnO 3 nanoparticles and the porous carbon substrate, resulting in obviously improved ORR activity as compared with the individual N, P co-doped carbon and the nanosized LaMnO 3 electrocatalysts, in terms of onset potential, limiting current density, and stability. The LaMnO 3 /N, P co-doped carbon composites further evaluated as an air electrode in a Zn-air battery, demonstrating attractive performance, including high discharge voltage plateau (~1.2 V) and excellent stability with negligible degradation in voltage at 25 mA cm -1 discharge current for 24 h. The present results highly promise the LaMnO 3 /biocarbon nanocomposite as a potential metal-free ORR electrocatalyst, which may find a wide use in metal-air batteries or fuel cells.

dc.titleAnchoring perovskite LaMnO3 nanoparticles on biomass−derived N, P co−doped porous carbon for efficient oxygen reduction
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleElectrochimica Acta
curtin.departmentWASM: Minerals, Energy and Chemical Engineering (WASM-MECE)
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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