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dc.contributor.authorDambatta, M.
dc.contributor.authorIzman, S.
dc.contributor.authorHermawan, H.
dc.contributor.authorKurniawan, Denni
dc.identifier.citationDambatta, M. and Izman, S. and Hermawan, H. and Kurniawan, D. 2014. Effect of heat treatment on microstructure homogeneity of Zn-3Mg alloy, pp. 777-782.

The Zn based alloy has a high potential to be the next generation of biodegradable implant material. Development of this biomaterial involves casting process which often associated with various defects. In this study, Zn-3Mg alloy was prepared using conventional casting method and followed by homogenization treatment (370°C for 10hr) with the aim to improve the microstructure uniformity. Microscopic images show that as-cast Zn-3Mg alloy consists of segregated Zn-rich structure of star-like dendritic shape and eutectic mixture of Mg 2 Zn 11 phase. It is observed that after the heat treatment process thissegregation has been dispersed well and results in a more uniform microstructure of Zn-3Mg alloy with low fraction of casting defects. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

dc.titleEffect of heat treatment on microstructure homogeneity of Zn-3Mg alloy
dc.typeConference Paper
dcterms.source.titleApplied Mechanics and Materials
dcterms.source.seriesApplied Mechanics and Materials
curtin.departmentCurtin Malaysia
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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