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dc.contributor.authorYe, H.
dc.contributor.authorKang, J.
dc.contributor.authorMa, G.
dc.contributor.authorSun, Hongqi
dc.contributor.authorWang, Shaobin
dc.identifier.citationYe, H. and Kang, J. and Ma, G. and Sun, H. and Wang, S. 2018. High-speed graphene@Ag-MnO2micromotors at low peroxide levels. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. 528: pp. 271-280.

Platinum (Pt) free micro/nanomotors (MNMs) using a low content of fuels are highly desired for many applications. Herein, we demonstrate that cathodic electrofabrication can produce modified MnO 2 based microtubes and microrods as highly efficient MNMs in hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 ) as low as 0.2%. The speed of graphene/Ag-MnO 2 micromotors could be smartly regulated using a surfactant and the maximum speed of an individual micromotor exceeds 1.3 mm s -1 in 0.5% H 2 O 2 . The propelling force and output power of the micromotors are 3.4 and 10 times as high as those of the best Pt-based micromotors reported. These Ag-MnO 2 based micromotors are envisioned to be a great promise for practical applications from biomedical delivery to environmental decontamination.

dc.publisherAcademic Press
dc.titleHigh-speed graphene@Ag-MnO2micromotors at low peroxide levels
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleJournal of Colloid and Interface Science
curtin.departmentWASM: Minerals, Energy and Chemical Engineering (WASM-MECE)
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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