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dc.contributor.authorDawood, Sara A
dc.contributor.supervisorAssoc. Prof. Tushar Senen_US

Biomass pine cone (Pinus. Radiate) and eucalyptus bark (Sheathiana) based biochar were synthesized through a slow pyrolysis method. Biomass based biochar and kaolin adsorbents were characterized and their adsorptive effectiveness in the removal of methylene blue dye and nickel metal ions were studied. Also, the mechanism of adsorption and identification of various process parameters and their optimum values have been explored here under batch and continuous column adsorption study.

dc.publisherCurtin Universityen_US
dc.titleSynthesis and Characterization of Biomass and Clay Mineral Based Adsorbents for the Removal of Cationic Dye and Metal Ion from Wastewater by Adsorptionen_US
curtin.departmentWA School of Mines: Minerals, Energy and Chemical Engineeringen_US
curtin.accessStatusOpen accessen_US
curtin.facultyScience and Engineeringen_US

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