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dc.contributor.authorYou, X.
dc.contributor.authorManchester, R.
dc.contributor.authorColes, W.
dc.contributor.authorHobbs, G.
dc.contributor.authorShannon, Ryan
dc.identifier.citationYou, X. and Manchester, R. and Coles, W. and Hobbs, G. and Shannon, R. 2018. Polarimetry of the Eclipsing Pulsar PSR J1748-2446A. Astrophysical Journal. 867 (1).

© 2018. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved.. Observations with the Parkes radio telescope of the eclipsing millisecond binary pulsar PSR J1748-2446A, which is in the globular cluster Terzan 5, are presented. These include the first observations of this pulsar in the 3 GHz frequency band, along with simultaneous observations in the 700 MHz band, and new observations around 1400 MHz. We show that the pulsar signal is not eclipsed in the 3 GHz band and observe the known eclipses in the lower-frequency bands. We find that the observed pulse signal becomes depolarized during particular orbital phases and postulate that this depolarization occurs because of rotation-measure fluctuations resulting from turbulence in the stellar wind responsible for the eclipses.

dc.publisherInstitute of Physics Publishing
dc.titlePolarimetry of the Eclipsing Pulsar PSR J1748-2446A
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleAstrophysical Journal
curtin.departmentCurtin Institute of Radio Astronomy (Physics)
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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