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dc.contributor.authorLee, Vincent
dc.identifier.citationLee, V. 2018. Performance Evaluation of a Resonant-integrated Pumping System, in in 2018 International Conference on Aeronautical, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (AAME 2018), Jun 28-30 2018, Vol 202: Article No. 02009. Sarawak, Malaysia: Curtin University

Impedance pump is a simple valve-less pumping mechanism; it offers a low energy, low noise alternative at both macro-and micro-scale devices. It is also demonstrated to be a promising new technique for producing and amplifying net flow. There have been research studying the effects of series-connected impedance pump, where an increase in net flow is exhibited. In this study, an integrated system of conventional pump and impedance pump is introduced. This paper describes the performance evaluation of this integrated pumping system, with emphasis on the amount of amplification induced as a function of Womersley number (normalized excitation frequency) and normalized pressure head. Due to the nature of the resonant valve-less impedance pump, the integrated pumping system exhibits similar behaviour and characteristics as an impedance pump, such as the pulsatile nature of net flow. Results show positive outcomes where maximum amplification of 91.7% is demonstrated at resonance.

dc.titlePerformance Evaluation of a Resonant-integrated Pumping System
dc.typeConference Paper
dcterms.source.titleMATEC Web of Conferences
dcterms.source.seriesMATEC Web of Conferences
curtin.departmentCurtin Malaysia
curtin.accessStatusOpen access

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