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dc.contributor.authorWoodside, Arch
dc.identifier.citationWoodside, A. 2018. Accurately predicting precise outcomes in business-to-business marketing.

Copyright © 2018 by Emerald Publishing Limited. This chapter identifies research advances in theory and analytics that contribute successfully to the primary need to be filled to achieve scientific legitimacy: Configurations that include accurate explanation, description, and prediction-prediction here refers to predicting future outcomes and outcomes of cases in samples separate from the samples of cases used to construct models. The MAJOR PARADOX: Can the researcher construct models that achieve accurate prediction of outcomes for individual cases that also are generalizable across all the cases in the sample? This chapter presents a way forward for solving the major paradox. The solution here includes philosophical theoretical, and operational shifts away from variable-based modeling and null hypothesis statistical testing (NHST) to case-based modeling and somewhat precise outcome testing (SPOT). These shifts are now occurring in the scholarly business-to-business literature.

dc.titleAccurately predicting precise outcomes in business-to-business marketing
curtin.departmentSchool of Marketing
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