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dc.contributor.authorLenin, N.
dc.contributor.authorSiva Kumar, M.
dc.contributor.authorRavindran, D.
dc.contributor.authorVignesh K.
dc.contributor.authorIslam, Mohammad Nazrul
dc.identifier.citationLenin, N. and Siva Kumar, M. and Ravindran, D. and Vignesh Kumar, D. and Islam, M.N. 2013. Decision Making in Multi-objective Facility Layout Design Selection Problem. Journal of Manufacturing Engineering. 8 (2): pp. 105-113.

This paper presents the development of heuristics for determining a common linear machine sequence for multi-products with different operation sequences and facilities with a limited number of duplicate machine types available for a specific job. The final linear machine sequence is obtained by three different methods: (i) Product sequence based on descending order of flow distances, (ii) Product sequence based on descending order of product due date, and (iii) Product sequence based on random selection. This work aims to compare the effectiveness of the three approaches based on the results of (a) minimum total flow distance traveled by products, (b) minimum number of machines in the final linear sequence, and (c) minimum total investment cost of the machines in the final sequence. It is assumed that the product flow runs only in the forward direction, either via in-sequence or bypass movement. This work demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed heuristics by solving a typical layout design problem taken from the literature and several randomly generated problems. The results of three different approaches are compared, and it provides practical support in making decisions while solving the problems inherent in multi-objective facility layout design.

dc.publisherSociety for Manufacturing Engineers
dc.subjectfacility layout
dc.subjectdue date
dc.subjectflow distance
dc.subjectlinear sequencing
dc.titleDecision Making in Multi-objective Facility Layout Design Selection Problem
dc.typeConference Paper
dcterms.source.titleJournal of Manufacturing Engineering
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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