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dc.contributor.authorLiu, Kai
dc.contributor.supervisorSimon Wildeen_US
dc.contributor.supervisorBirger Rasmussenen_US

The subduction of the Paleo-Pacific oceanic plate in NE China was probably initiated ca. 250 Ma ago. The Mudanjiang Ocean was closed between the Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous. After that, the roll-back of the Paleo-Pacific oceanic plate and large-scale sinistral strike-slip faulting dominated the tectonics of the NE Asian continental margin. During the early Cenozoic, subduction of the Izanagi-Pacific ridge was subducted extended from SW Japan to Sikhote-Alin.

dc.publisherCurtin Universityen_US
dc.titleThe subduction history of the Paleo-Pacific Oceanic plate from the Mesozoic to early Cenozoic in NE China and Sikhote-Alin, Russian Far Easten_US
curtin.departmentSchool of Earth and Planetary Sciencesen_US
curtin.accessStatusOpen accessen_US
curtin.facultyScience and Engineeringen_US

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