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dc.contributor.authorFeatherstone, Will
dc.identifier.citationFeatherstone, W.E.. 2004. Evidence of a north-south trend between AUSGeoid98 and AHD in southwest Australia. Survey Review 37 (291): 334-343.

The AUSGeoid98 gravimetric model has been compared with 48 GPD-levelling points at a ~50km spacing across part of the southwest of Western Australia. This is arguably the best subset of GPS-derived ellipsoidal heights in Australia with na internally estimated precision of < +-9mm. The spirit-levelled heights were tied to the Australian Height Datum(AHD)using class C techniques [12mm-root-km allowable misclose]. The comparisons shoe that AUSGeoid98 gives a GPS height transformation to the AHD with a precision of ~+-13cm, which is less than reported earlier (~+-36 cm)for a nationwide dataset. A clear north-south trend of ~0.81 mm/km [ppm] is also evident in the differences; of which approximately one-third is attributable to a north-south error in the AHD induced by dominant north-south sea surface topography effects at the nearby fixed tide gauges. After removal of this north-south trend, the standard deviation of the differences reduces to ~5 cm.

dc.publisherCommonwealth Association for Surveying and Land Economy
dc.titleEvidence of a north-south trend between AUSGeoid98 and AHD in southwest Australia
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleSurvey Review

Article first published in Survey Review 2004 37(291)pp. 334-343. Survey Review ISSN 0039-6265 is published by Commonwealth Association for Surveying and Land Economy (CASLE) in the UK.


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curtin.accessStatusOpen access
curtin.facultyDivision of Resources and Environment
curtin.facultyDepartment of Spatial Sciences

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