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Industrial heritage is a part of our cultural heritage. It demonstrates the development of industrial technology, the changing production methods, and working conditions in bygone days, and helps us understand society's history and development more broadly. Nowadays, industrial heritage can be seen in historic factories, refineries, drilling towers, mills, railways, lighthouses, other old buildings and structures, and historic documents. The state capital, Kuching, which dates back to more 185 years, is not the only place that has an industrial heritage in Sarawak. Miri, the state’s second-largest city, which was commonly known as ‘The Oil Town’ before assuming its current moniker ‘Resort City’, also has the potential to highlight her industrial heritage. While the city has unfortunately already lost some of its industrial heritage sites, all is not lost as it still has a few tangible industrial treasures, which are still visible but in danger of being lost if neglected further

dc.subjectIndustrial heritage
dc.titleMiri's overlooked industrial heritage
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