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dc.contributor.authorLucey, Anthony
dc.contributor.authorHowell, Richard
dc.contributor.authorPitman, Mark
dc.contributor.editorKian Teh, Ian Davies and Ian Howard
dc.identifier.citationLucey, A. D. and Howell, R. M. and Pitman, M. W. 2010. The effect of inertial inhomogeneity on the flutter of a cantilevered flexible plate, in Teh, K. and Davies, I. and Howard, I. (ed), 6th Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics, ACAM 6, Dec 12-15 2010.Perth, WA: Engineers Australia.

We study the two-dimensional fluid-structure interaction between a fluid flow and a thin flexible plate held at its leading edge. This fundamental system may be considered representative of many engineered or natural systems in which a plate or membrane experiences spontaneous, and often sustained, vibration. As the plate moves, its changing shape means that the lift it generates - the sum of the pressure forces that drive the plate motion - also changes and this effect underlies the instability of the plate when the applied flow speed reaches a threshold value. In this paper we apply and further develop a computational model of the system to study the effect of inertial inhomogeneity by way of a point mass adhered to the otherwise homogeneous plate. Our results show that the effect of adding a point mass to the plate can be either stabilising or destabilising. This counter-intuitive finding is explained using the classification of the flutter types that can exist in the system. In particular, this explanation shows how and why the system stability is sensitive to the location of the added mass and the plate length. Finally, we briefly present the results of a preliminary experimental investigation for short plates that qualitatively confirms the theoretical predictions.

dc.publisherEngineers Australia
dc.subjectcomputational modelling
dc.subjectflutter instability
dc.subjectfluid-structure interaction
dc.subjectflexible surface
dc.subjectmodal analysis
dc.titleThe effect of inertial inhomogeneity on the flutter of a cantilevered flexible plate
dc.typeConference Paper
dcterms.source.titleProceedings of the 6th Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics
dcterms.source.seriesProceedings of the 6th Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics
dcterms.source.conference6th Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics, ACAM 6
dcterms.source.conference-start-dateDec 12 2010
dcterms.source.conferencelocationPerth, Western Australia
dcterms.source.placePerth, Western Australia
curtin.departmentDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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