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dc.contributor.authorDodson, R.
dc.contributor.authorHarris, C.
dc.contributor.authorPal, S.
dc.contributor.authorWayth, Randall
dc.identifier.citationDodson, Richard and Harris, Christopher and Pal, Sabyasachi and Wayth, Randall. 2010. A GPU based Transient Dedisersion Search Engine for CRAFT, ISKAF 2010 Science Meeting, Jun 10 2010. Assen, Netherlands: Proceedings of Science.

The Commensal Realtime ASKAP Fast Transient Survey (CRAFT[5]) will search the ASKAP data stream for fast (< 5sec) transient events, associated with the most extreme conditions in the Universe. The CRAFT search will run in parallel with all normal observing on ASKAP, giving a tremendous advance in the transient parameter space which can be searched. ASKAP offers high sensitivity, high resolution, and continous observations of a significant portion of the sky. However, to search across the wide field of view and at the data rates which are being provided by ASKAP is extremely challenging. Nevertheless, as reported here, we are on track to achieve the goals as laid out in the Survey Science Proposal. Using GPUs as a simple highly parallel compute-engine we can monitor the full field of view with a 5(sigma) sensitivity of ~Jy for a millisecond event covering the astronomically significant range of DMs. After that trigger detection we can download the beamformer data-buffer and image the sky at full sensitivity and spatial resolution with an arbitary frequency and time resolution.

dc.publisherProceedings of Science
dc.titleA GPU based Transient Dedisersion Search Engine for CRAFT
dc.typeConference Paper
dcterms.source.titleProceedings of the ISKAF2010 Science Meeting
dcterms.source.seriesProceedings of the ISKAF2010 Science Meeting
dcterms.source.conferenceISKAF2010 Science Meeting
dcterms.source.conference-start-dateJun 10 2010
dcterms.source.conferencelocationAssen, the Netherlands

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curtin.departmentCurtin Institute of Radio Astronomy
curtin.accessStatusOpen access

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