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dc.contributor.authorBurke, V.
dc.contributor.authorLee, Andy
dc.contributor.authorHunter, E.
dc.contributor.authorSpargo, R.
dc.contributor.authorSmith, R.
dc.contributor.authorBeilin, L.
dc.contributor.authorPuddey, I.
dc.identifier.citationBurke, Valerie and Lee, Andy and Hunter, E. and Spargo, R. and Smith, R. and Beilin, L. and Puddey, Ian. 2007. Alcohol intake and incidence of coronary disease in Australian Aborigines. Alcohol and Alcoholism. 42 (1): pp. 49-54.

Aims: To examine risk for coronary heart disease (CHD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD) in relation to alcohol in a cohort of Australian Aborigines. Methods: In 1988–1989, alcohol intake, drinking pattern, and beverage preference were elicited by interviewer-administered questionnaire in Western Australian Aborigines (258 men, 256 women) and cardiovascular outcomes ascertained through linkage to mortality and hospital admission records to 2002. Results: In proportional hazards models, risk for CHD, relative to lifetime abstainers, was significantly increased in ex-drinkers [Hazard ratio (HR) 2.29, 95% CL 1.23, 4.27], those drinking 41–60 g/day in men or 21–40 g/day in women (HR 2.80, 95% CL 1.04, 7.53), and those drinking >150 g/day for men or >100 g/day for women (HR 2.25, 95% CL 1.03, 4.90) with a J-shaped relationship. Low-to-moderate drinkers had lower waist girth, exercised more, and had a lower prevalence of overweight and smoking than at-risk drinkers. A preference for wine was associated with lower HR (0.28, 95% CL 0.10, 0.95). With CVD, only ex-drinkers showed significantly increased risk (HR 1.87, 95% CL 1.20, 2.91). Conclusions: More favourable health-related behaviours in low-to-moderate drinkers suggest that lower risk could be mediated by lifestyle, as proposed in other populations.

dc.publisherOxford University Press
dc.titleAlcohol intake and incidence of coronary disease in Australian Aborigines
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleAlcohol & Alcoholism

The definitive publisher-authenticated version has been published in Alcohol and Alcoholism, Volume 42, Number 1, pp. 49-54, November 2006; and is available online at:


Copyright © 2006 Medical Council on Alcohol

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