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dc.contributor.authorAdewuyi, E.
dc.contributor.authorZhao, Yun
dc.contributor.authorLamichhane, R.
dc.identifier.citationAdewuyi, E. and Zhao, Y. and Lamichhane, R. 2017. Risk factors for infant mortality in rural and urban Nigeria: Evidence from the national household survey. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health. 45 (5): pp. 543-554.

© Associations of Public Health in the Nordic Countries Regions. Aims: This study investigates the rural-urban differences in infant mortality rates (IMRs) and the associated risk factors in Nigeria. Methods: The dataset from the 2013 Nigeria demographic and health survey (NDHS), disaggregated by rural-urban residence, was analyzed using complex samples statistics. A multivariable logistic regression analysis was computed to explore the adjusted relationship and identify risk factors for infant mortality. Results: In rural and urban Nigeria, IMRs were 70 and 49 deaths per 1000 live births, respectively. Risk factors in rural residence were past maternal marital union (adjusted odds ratio (AOR): 1.625, p = 0.020), small birth size (AOR: 1.550, p < 0.001), birth interval < 24 months (AOR: 2.057, p < 0.001), residence in North-East (AOR: 1.346, p = 0.038) and North-West (AOR: 1.653, p < 0.001) regions, and cesarean delivery (AOR: 2.922, p = 0.001). Risk factors in urban residence were poor wealth index (AOR: 2.292, p < 0.001), small birth size (AOR: 2.276, p < 0.001), male gender (AOR: 1.416, p = 0.022), birth interval < 24 months (AOR: 1.605, p = 0.002), maternal obesity (AOR: 1.641, p = 0.008), and cesarean delivery (AOR: 1.947, p = 0.032). Conclusions: Infants in rural residence had higher rates of mortality than their urban counterparts and disparities in risk factors exist between the residences.

dc.titleRisk factors for infant mortality in rural and urban Nigeria: Evidence from the national household survey
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleScandinavian Journal of Public Health
curtin.departmentSchool of Public Health
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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